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Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs

  • Become a Registered Massage Therapist

    Earning your 3,000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma creates opportunities and opens doors for your career as a healthcare professional. After completing this licensed massage therapy program online or in-class you’ll be able to choose your path and earn an income in sports massage and injury rehabilitation, working at a luxury spa, working alongside other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings, or even running your own business as a massage therapist. The options are endless when you’ve achieved this professional milestone!

    Is Massage Therapy Right for You?

    If you are compassionate and like helping others, earning a massage therapy diploma from Makami College will give you the opportunity to do what you love and provide for your family doing it. Our hands-on massage therapy program gives you the opportunity to develop and refine your massage therapy skills and technique. Through classroom learning and clinical placements in the community, you’ll be ready to secure a job placement upon program completion. Our blended online and in-classroom programs give you the flexibility to complete the theory courses online, read the text and watch videos. Education is at your fingertips where and when you want it. Combined with learning practical hands-on skills onsite and in our student clinic to complete your training.

    About our Massage Therapy Training Program

    Our 3,000 hour, two-year massage therapy diploma program offers the highest level of massage therapy training in Alberta, including plenty of hands-on training through school field trips and two-week practicum placements. MaKami massage therapy graduates enter the field with the knowledge and expertise to confidently pursue their professional massage therapy career in Alberta, across Canada and even around the world.

    What You'll Learn

    New massage therapy diploma programs start every two months at both the Calgary and Edmonton campuses and online. We know that going back to school can be a challenge - that’s why we have flexible course options, including online, evening and weekend classes, to fit your schedule. You will learn to apply the principles of physical, health and social sciences as they relate to massage therapy in the classroom, simulated environments, and through clinical placements in the community or in our on-campus clinics. When you complete your 3000-hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program, you’ll be a licensed massage therapist who is ready to take on clients. Your advanced certification means that you will be able to provide health insurance claim receipts upon graduation - something you may not be able to do with other massage therapy programs.
  • Start Working as a Health Care Aide in Under a Year!

    Right now there is a huge demand for health care aides in Alberta, due to the growth in an ageing population. Health Care Aides can work in hospitals, supportive care facilities, and assisted living housing facilities, providing important assistance to a wide variety of patients including the elderly, and injured or disabled persons who require support and care. MaKami College offers the Health Care Aide Program using the newest curriculum available from the Government of Alberta. Get a job as a Health Care Aide immediately and earn as much as $25 an hour!

    Is the Health Care Aide Program Right for You?

    If you’re ready for a career where you can truly make a difference in someone’s life, then the Health Care Aide program is right for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have worked as professionals in the field and can provide the hands-on training so you can confidently enter into the Health Care Aide field.

    About the Health Care Aide Program

    Our Health Care Aide Program follows the Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum and is regulated by Alberta Health. We offer the only 40 week - 735 hour - program in Alberta. Your training includes a guaranteed job practicum so you can earn an income while gaining the real-life experience needed to succeed after graduation. Our experienced instructors have worked as health professionals in the field, such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). They have the ability to teach you our cutting-edge health care program so you can confidently work in any setting. MaKami College’s Health Care Aide Program offers an iPad-based curriculum with realistic, interactive graphics to help you fully understand how the body works. With the latest iPad you'll have the ability to translate documents into multiple languages, so even if English is not your first language you still have the potential to be successful! The purpose of the HCA curriculum is to standardize the education and training of HCAs in Alberta. It is designed to prepare learners for a certification as unregulated care providers to work in a variety of career settings. The curriculum ensures that students are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care. The first provincial HCA Curriculum came into effect in 2005 and was refreshed in 2010 with reviews occurring in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The HCA Provincial Curriculum (2019) was updated to align with the HCA Competency Profile (2018). The HCA Provincial curriculum (2019) was prepared by a team of individuals with expertise in nursing, education, project management, copyright regulations, document editing, formatting, and curriculum design. The content and/or theory will be reviewed on an annual basis and is dependent upon feedback from all key stakeholders, but particularly the instructors of the HCA Provincial Curriculum.

    What You’ll Learn

    Our program runs in 2 semesters. The first semester is comprised of 5 courses including a 4-week Clinical Placement. The second semester is comprised of 4 courses, 2 of which are Clinical Placements. The newest Health Care Aide program is available in the Edmonton Campus. There are 9 main courses in the curriculum: 1) Health Care Aide Role & Responsibility 2) The Human Body, Health and Chronic Illness 3) Communication in the Halthy Care Environment 4) Providing Person-Centred Care & Comfort 5) Clinical Placement I 6) Meeting Complex Care Needs 7) Special Activities for Clients with Various Health Conditions 8) Clinical Placement II 9) Clinical Placement III
  • Elevate your healthcare career by becoming a certified instructor

    Becomming a certified Master Instructor helps doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals make a strong transition into the classroom where they can educate the next generation of healthcare professionals.

    The one-year MaKami College Master Instructor Program is offered online and on-campus. Our program is broken down into three separate units, combining both theory and practical training to provide students with a well-rounded, hands-on educational experience.

    Students of the Master Instructor program will be trained in the fundamentals of adult student-centered learning. They will practice effective presentation and lecture skills, and will be educated in classroom management. Using the latest technology and internships with Industry leaders, graduates of the program will leave with the skills they need to succeed in their careers as instructors.

    Becoming a Master Instructor: What You Will Learn

    • - Identify measurable learning objectives.
    • - Apply adult learning principles.
    • - Establish an environment conducive to learning.
    • - Create diverse opportunities for participants to connect with the content.
    • - Facilitate learning using best practice techniques.
    • - Practice learner-centered training methods and alternatives.
    • - Develop strategies for different learning needs.
    • - Identify challenges in the classroom, and select and apply the most effective solutions.

    The curriculum for the first year of the Master Instructor program includes:

    Curriculum Outline - Level 1 - Tutor Designation
    Module # Module Name
    TUT-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
    TUT-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
    TUT-103 Classroom Management
    TUT-104 Assessments and Evaluations
    TUT-106 Practicum I


    Curriculum Outline - Level 2 - Teaching Assistant Designation
    Module # Module Name
    TA-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
    TA-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
    TA-103 Classroom Management
    TA-104 Assessments and Evaluations
    TA-106 Practicum I


    Curriculum Outline - Level 3 - Instructor Designation
    Module # Module Name
    INS-101 Fundamentals of Adult Student Centered Learning
    INS-102 Presentation and Lecture Delivery
    INS-103 Classroom Management
    INS-104 Assessments and Evaluations
    INS-106 Practicum I

Makami College Inc.

Why MaKami College

Online courses available. Contact us today to learn more about our distance learning programs.

MaKami College is a provincially licensed Private Vocational College offering a 3,000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma program.

Founded in 2001, MaKami College is the largest massage therapy school in Alberta offering the highest level of instructional training available in the massage therapy profession. With campuses in both Edmonton and Calgary, MaKami offers professional and highly trained massage therapy instructors, online massage therapy courses, hands-on massage therapy training, work experience opportunities and plenty of one-on-one attention within our student success centre.

MaKami also strives to help people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their educational dreams with various Student Services to assist in areas such as financial support options, tutoring and ESL support.

Find out more information about our Edmonton or Calgary campuses or Contact Us!

Alberta Registered Massage Therapy Programs

MaKami College is currently the only Licensed Massage Therapy College in Alberta to provide a two-year, 3,000 hour diploma program in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy training. This high level of training offers students a wide variety of career options upon graduation. Students are able to work as Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in Alberta after successfully completing year one of the two-year program, including their practicum hours in various employment settings. Second-year graduates have the highest level of massage therapy training available in Alberta and tend to focus more in rehabilitation and working in sports massage therapies.

Learn more about our Massage Therapy Programs and Courses or Apply to Become a Massage Therapist Now!

Contact MaKami College to learn more or book a tour of our Edmonton or Calgary campuses today!

Current Students

Current massage therapy students at MaKami College can access their account information by logging into the Student Centre. Be sure to check out the Calendar for important dates and the Careers section for the most up-to-date local and international massage therapy job postings.

RMT Looking to upgrade your hours?

If you’re already a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) looking to upgrade your 500 - 2,200 hours into a 3,000 hour diploma, you can do it at MaKami! Apply to upgrade your massage therapy hours or for advanced credit – just Contact Us to learn more!

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