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Accounting and Payroll Administrator

About the Program

Become essential to any organization. Gain the skills you need to excel in every aspect of accounting. The accounting and payroll courses in this program will cover accounting and payroll principles including bookkeeping, internal control, intermediate and management accounting and payroll fundamentals.  The Accounting and Payroll Administrator diploma program in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick offers a 10-week field placement to gain hands-on experience in the field. The program will provide you with practical experience in essential areas, including financial accounting and payroll, business application software, and the setup and management of computerized accounting systems. Graduates will also be eligible to pursue their Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) designation from the National Payroll Institute. Throughout the Accounting Program you will build a strong accounting base and develop the professional skills needed to unlock your career potential.

Career Opportunities

Accounting and Payroll Administrators are in demand, often working across disciplines in finance, human resources, data management and information management. These roles can be both client-facing, and behind the scenes ensuring finance-based operations run smoothly.

As an Accounting and Payroll Administrator, you will qualify for positions such as: Accounts Clerk, Payroll Administrator, and Pay and Benefits Administrator.

Employers Who Have Hired Eastern Grads

  • ADP Canada
  • Research Productivity Council
  • Wood Motors Ford
  • RBC
  • Social Development
  • ABC Tax and Accounting
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