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Acupuncture Practitioner

About the Program

Gently restore balance in human body systems. Master the skill of carefully placing needles in acupuncture points with this 81-week intensive program. Plus, you might qualify for our bursaries and scholarships that can help you fund your studies.  Learn how to evaluate clients and create personalized treatment plans to enhance their overall well-being. This program not only focuses on academic knowledge but also on professional conduct, ethics, industry-standard practices, and community service to promote excellence in the field. With our exceptional curriculum, you will be well-prepared for the Pan-Canadian examinations for acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals.

Career Opportunities

As an acupuncture practitioner, you can enjoy a challenging and rewarding career that allows you to work flexible hours in various workplace environments such as:

  • health clinics and spas
  • rehabilitation centers
  • wellness centers
  • hospitals
  • fitness clubs
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