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Artistic and technical production of video games

The “NTL1.M Artistic and Technical Production of Video Games” program (Tech-Art) is designed to shape students into Technical Artists, adept at bridging the realms of artistic creativity and programming.

This rigorous training regimen immerses students in a professional studio-like environment, preparing them for the demands of the industry.

Within this program, students gain proficiency in constructing video game projects, harnessing a comprehensive skill set that encompasses creative facets such as material creation, shader design, particle systems, special effects, and game aesthetics. They also delve into the technical dimension, encompassing rigging, programming, and integration.

In addition to technical mastery, students develop essential collaborative skills, learning to operate effectively within a team and overseeing all phases of production. This comprehensive approach ensures they are well-prepared for a career in the video game industry.

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