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Caregivers help family or friends with challenges due to illness, disability or aging. As a society, we need caregivers. The population is aging, and people are living longer with illness and disability. As care needs grow, we rely on caregivers to fill in the gaps.

The Caregiver Worker Program prepares students to meet the needs of a loved one with an injury, illness or disability. Students will learn about the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of the injury, illness, developmental delay or disability. The program is designed to provide optimum care, to provide information on various resources, and to build confidence and self reliance of caregivers. Caregivers are also provided with strategies and suggestions for developing strong networks in the community and with other caregivers.


School Health
Credits 30
Course Length 6 month
Hours 20 hrs/week x 24 weeks
Credential Certificate
Delivery Options Online
Instruction Options Online
Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring
Practicum No
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