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The Cisco Certified Network Professional (ENCOR 350-401) course provides a review of basic network fundamentals and covers some advanced concepts on use of spanning tree protocol, root bridge placement and protection, multiple spanning tree, VTP, DTP, and EtherChannel. It also discusses the fundamentals of routing and routing protocols, along with the underlying mechanism of EIGRPOSPF and an optimized OSPF environment. The course discusses the core concepts and advanced features of BGPIGMPPIM and RPs, along with the basic theory of wireless signals and modulations, wireless infrastructure and troubleshooting wireless connectivity. It also describes security from an Enterprise view and covers security framework, and infrastructure security. The course also provides a hands on experience with the network automation tools and Application Programming Interfaces and data formats.

This curriculum is organized for maximum efficiency. Related features are covered together, and features and options are covered in the sequence in which they are typically used. Information on each feature, technology, or protocol is presented in a concise manner and in detail. Labs are conducted with sections presenting quick facts, configuration information, and step-by-step examples, including both required and optional commands. This course brings together all of the Cisco routing configuration information that most network professionals will ever need.

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