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Community Support/Service Workers play a crucial role in assisting individuals with various physical and intellectual abilities, as well as those dealing with mental health issues. The essence of their work lies in aiding these individuals to achieve their personal goals and lead fulfilling lives. Every day brings a fresh set of opportunities and challenges, making each interaction with clients unique.

The Community Support Worker program is meticulously structured to equip you with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for this gratifying career. Spanning eight months, the program combines theoretical learning with practical application, ensuring you are well-prepared to support clients with physical and intellectual disabilities, learning difficulties, or other special needs. The curriculum is tailored to thoroughly prepare students for their future roles, allowing them to demonstrate their learning through group projects, papers, presentations, and notably, through participation in two work practicums. These practicums offer a direct opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into real-world experience, further solidifying your readiness for this impactful profession.

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