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About the Program

Pursue a career in the corrections and community services field with a criminology college program. Gain insight into the concepts of crime, criminality, and the functioning of the criminal justice system.  The Criminology diploma program provides the opportunity to pursue a 6-week field placement for hands-on experience. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian criminal justice system through a criminological lens. The criminology program will cover aspects such as crime, law enforcement, the court system, sentencing procedures, correctional methods for both male and female offenders, as well as youth, and the processes of rehabilitation and reintegration. This will give you the foundation on which further criminology courses can be decisively analyzed, critiqued, and understood. Criminology jobs include working alongside the government, law enforcement, judicial institutions, correctional institutions, social workers, and educational institutions.

Career Opportunities

The Criminology program will qualify grads to pursue positions within Community Corrections Programs for Youth and Adults, Youth Custody Facilities, Security-Related Agencies, Adult Community Residential Centers and OutReach/Cognitive Life Skills Programs.

Employers Who Have Hired Eastern Grads

  • Commissionaires
  • CAF/ Military Police
  • Charlotte Reddon Group Homes
  • John Howard Society
  • Elizabeth Fry Society
  • Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre
  • Correctional Service Canada
  • Salvation Army
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