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Écriture humoristique

Discover a world of opportunity as you embark on a journey to become a professional humorist through our comprehensive AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) program. Our skilled authors are found across various media, including television, the web, radio, live performances, advertising, and cinema. With three full-time sessions, you can transform your creative talent into a promising career in comedy. Each year, we select approximately 8 candidates for this French-language certificate of college studies.

During the program, you’ll delve into a multitude of comedy genres and formats. You’ll explore every facet of humor creation, from initial conception to writing, production, and distribution. In addition to honing your comedic writing skills, you’ll also master techniques in creativity and improvisation. Embrace the world of video production and social media, and gain a profound understanding of the cultural humor landscape and the diverse career prospects it offers. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a certified humor author and bring laughter to audiences across various platforms.

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