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Fall Protection for Newfoundland

The Carpenter Millwright Trades College is proud to offer a crucial training course mandated by numerous employers in Newfoundland, as per the Newfoundland Labrador Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Section 139. This specialized training, designed to enhance workplace safety, is provided on an on-demand basis without a fixed schedule, catering to the needs of various organizations. Over the span of two days, the course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of fall protection, encompassing an array of objectives. Participants will start by defining fall protection and related terminology, followed by discussions on the significance of such training and an overview of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) legislation, including the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. The curriculum extends to practical applications, where learners will assimilate and implement fall protection legislation, alongside methodologies for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards. A deep dive into the dynamics of fall protection system forces sets the stage for exploring various fall protection systems, with hands-on demonstrations on their usage. Additional focus areas include the use, care, and storage of components, the development roles and responsibilities of fall protection programs, and the critical requirements of an emergency rescue plan. This course not only aims to educate but also to empower participants with the skills and knowledge to ensure safety in high-risk environments.

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