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herapeutic Recreation (Disability Support and Geriatric Profession)

Program Description

Therapeutic Recreation (Disability Support and Geriatric Profession) is about creating purpose and meaning in people’s lives! It’s about getting to know who a person really is so you can understand what brings true enjoyment to their life and then getting them involved in activities that mean something to them. Leisure and recreation are essential parts of a healthy life. Research has clearly shown that physical activity, stress reduction, mental stimulation and friendships are necessary to good health.

Therapeutic Recreation (Disability Support and Geriatric Profession) focuses on using recreation experiences to assist people with disabilities, chronic conditions and/or illnesses to overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving a fulfilling quality of life. For the older person in a long-term care facility, recreation activities provide them with the social and physical stimulation that are essential in maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being. This program will give students a broad knowledge of topics such as aging and chronic illnesses, mental illness and addictions, and issues/challenges with respect to living with a disability. As a student, you will learn about the importance of leisure and how it promotes self-esteem, independence and satisfaction in a person’s life. Students will be equipped with the tools to apply the therapeutic recreation process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation to empower their clients to set goals for their leisure and recreation and get involved in their community.

The majority of courses comprising the Therapeutic Recreation (Disability Support and Geriatric Profession) program were developed and are copyrighted by Douglas College in New Westminster, BC. As a result of our license agreement with Douglas College, upon completion of their two-year program, graduates may choose to apply for transfer of up to 60 credits towards the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree program at Douglas College.

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