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Hospitality Industry Professional with Co-op

The hospitality industry is one of BC’s leading industries. Students who choose to study this program will be prepared to pursue successful careers at hotels, cruise ships, excursions, wineries, and various other attractions in the tourism and hospitality industry.

During this 45-week program, students will take the Hospitality Core, Hospitality Today, and Hospitality Service Delivery course as well as 10 weeks of electives that build upon essential business skills. Throughout the program, students will experience hands-on training in courses where they will have the opportunity to apply learned knowledge into real-life scenarios.

In the Hospitality Core course, students will develop their critical thinking and presentation skills as well as learn the basics of hospitality. In the Hospitality Today course, students will gain an understanding of the general hospitality service standards today. In the Hospitality Service Delivery course, students will build on their general hospitality service standards and earn their FOODSAFE and Guest Service Gold Certificates and become START Restaurant Service Certified. Other earned certifications will depend on the electives taken by the student.

All Sprott Shaw Hospitality Programs incorporate the AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute) which is an organization recognized worldwide.

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