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Legal Assistant

About the Program

Be a part of the growing legal field and work towards a rewarding career with this 37-week diploma program. Through our small class sizes, you will get the attention and guidance you deserve from our highly-knowledgeable instructors.  To make yourself a well-rounded legal assistant, you will take not only courses on legal procedures but even classes that will hone your skills in Microsoft Office, digital literacy, workplace  skills, and career planning. You will also receive training on the latest legal software such as PCLaw, Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3), Teraview, Conveyancer, Fast Company, Divorcemate, and Estate-A-Base.

Career Opportunities

Legal Assistants normally work in a legal firm setting, assisting lawyers with clerical work as well as collecting case-based information for trials and hearings. As a Legal Assistant, you can also work for government agencies or the legal departments of corporations. Note that some career options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.

Employers Who Have Hired triOS Grads

  • Labor Adjustment Centre Local 195
  • Yorkmark and Associates
  • TRG Legal Services
  • Union Gas
  • Government of Ontario
  • Summit Legal Services
  • RE/MAX
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