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Medical Radiography Technology

Medical Radiography Technology is imaging technology used to diagnose various ailments and is the art and science of correctly positioning the patient and X-ray equipment to produce and record images for visualizing the extent of pathology (disease) or injury. It includes the use of computed tomography (CT), interventional radiology (IR), bone densitometry and mammography (breast imaging), among others.

Our Medical Radiography Technology program trains students as medical radiologic technologists, educating them in the areas of patient care, radiation safety, computerized imaging techniques, and anatomy and pathology. It is designed to ensure graduates are responsible for the safe and competent operation of a wide range of X-ray generating machines, the production of digital images, and use of accessory medical equipment.

Medical Radiography Technology was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

*This program has been “registered” for accreditation status with Accreditation Canada/EQual™.*

*“Registered” status serves as an important demonstration of our commitment to providing quality education in alignment with accreditation and regulatory requirements. “Registered” status is not an “Accreditation” status, nor does it guarantee any eventual accreditation.

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