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Personal Support Worker

About the Program

Aid the senior population and launch your new fulfilling career by training as a personal support worker. Experience a fulfilling career with hands-on learning. With an aging population and shorter hospital stays, the need for personal support workers in the healthcare industry is vital. The NACC Personal Support Worker 2022 program includes a combination of skills-lab training, 9-week field placement to equip graduates with skill and confidence entering the workforce.

Plus, you may be eligible for 75% free tuition when you begin the program. Other costs such as transportation, living expenses, and childcare may also be covered.

Choose from two learning options:

  • In-class
  • Hybrid

Career Opportunities

As a Personal Support Worker graduate, you will qualify for positions such as Home Care Agencies, Nursing Homes, Private Residences and Hospitals.

Employers Who Have Hired Eastern Grads

  • Ridgewood Addiction Services
  • Forest Dale Nursing Home
  • York Care Centre
  • Pine Grove Nursing Home
  • Eden Special Care Home
  • Alleira Living
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