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Private Investigator Diploma Course

private investigator diploma program can help give you the professional qualifications to really make a difference in the lives of others.

Learn the skills you need to get ahead — and to stay there — in today’s fast-paced and challenging private investigation industry.

If you’re serious about a career as a professional private investigator, this post-secondary in-class program teaches you the skills you need to develop your abilities across the spectrum of investigative competencies. This program will focus on career preparation and is the most comprehensive training available for private investigators.

Private investigator. It’s more than just a fascinating career
it could be your future!

The private investigation industry is bursting with career opportunities for serious-minded individuals. This diploma program is suited for those determined enough to seek career skills and qualifications. By obtaining professional industry know-how, graduates can pursue a broad range employment opportunities. More importantly, they can make a difference in the lives of others while securing their own career advancement. From surveillance to corporate loss prevention, from insurance fraud to domestic cases — Private investigators are in demand!

Employment Avenues

Private investigators can be employed by private investigation businesses, whether large or small. They can work directly for insurance companies or pursue employment in corporate security departments. They can become process servers and skip tracers. Investigators can work for banks and financial institutions or be employed by logistics and transportation companies. Private investigators can work for law firms and legal clinics, as well as Paralegals and research organisations. In fact, learning private investigation can provide graduates with one of the broadest employment avenues available.

Current Rules

Current legislation offers private investigators an opportunity for unprecedented employment and an ability to take control of their careers. They can opt for employment in a traditional investigation or corporate environments. Or if they choose to do so, private investigators can work for multiple employers performing specialised tasks. They can develop expertise in selected industry areas such as surveillance or corporate loss prevention, or develop experience in a general range of services. Eventually, private investigators can become self-employed.

Licensing Standards

CSPIS has pioneered training standards for career-minded investigative professionals in Canada. We have been providing a basis for professional qualifications long before minimum competencies were mandated. Since 1980, our graduates have been on the industry’s leading-edge. Our alumni include private investigation and security agency owners, senior investigators and private investigators employed in virtually every facet of the field and in just about every type of organisation.


At CSPIS our instructors are drawn from the ranks of industry professionals and recognised subject matter experts. CSPIS employs permanent, full time instructors whose passion includes training, career guidance and mentoring.
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