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Telecommunication is the career for new Millennium. This diploma prepares you for employment opportunities in Design, Development, Research and Management of Telecommunications Engineering Science or Technology. A set of Laboratory experiments are included using MATLAB. This course maps to the six CCNT exams, Basic Telecommunications, Basic Data Communications, LAN, Broad Band Technologies, Computer to Telephone Interface and Voice over Internet Protocol.


The knowledge about telecommunication and networkingCCENTCCNARadio Propagation and Mobile fixing systemsMobile communication(GSM &PCS)satellite CommunicationsMobile Data Communications systemFibre opticTransmission networkingSONET and SDH and Broadband Technologies equips the students to be employed by computer and telecommunication hardware manufacturers, by engineering, manufacturing and telecommunications firms, in information technology consulting firms, by governmental, educational and research institutions and in information technology units throughout the private and public sectors.

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