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Aviron Québec Collège Technique

270, boul. Charest Est, Québec QC

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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Skilled Trades, Auto, Fire Programs

  • If you seek a career that combines challenge, stability, and financial reward, it's time to explore opportunities in the electrical trades.

    Aviron Quebec presents a fulfilling pathway within the electrical trades.

    Our Electricity program is tailored to equip you for a pivotal role as an electrical contractor or within a manufacturing setting. You'll gain proficiency in installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, as well as managing communication networks, and more.

    This program is taught in French.


  • Are you passionate about crafting and working with wood, driven by a keen eye for detail? Aviron Quebec specializes in training skilled artisans who possess the ability to construct, renovate, and repair structures crafted from various materials, including wood, steel, concrete, and more, across residential, commercial, industrial, and related sectors.

    Enrolling in Aviron College's Carpentry Program will set you apart as a standout professional. We provide a comprehensive blend of educational and hands-on experiences, empowering you to emerge as a highly accomplished and indispensable worker in the field.

    This program is taught in French.


  • The field of plumbing and heating consistently boasts a high demand for skilled professionals, and certified plumbers can expect generous compensation for their expertise.

    At Aviron Quebec, our Plumbing and Heating program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for the installation, modification, and maintenance of water supply and drainage systems, as well as various components of hydronic, steam, forced air, oil, radiant, natural gas, and propane heating systems. Moreover, students have the chance to apply their skills in a practical, hands-on setting, further enhancing their learning experience.

    This program is taught in French.


  • Do you possess a natural aptitude for working with metal? The demand for highly skilled welders is on the rise in Canada, and Aviron Quebec is here to provide you with the essential skills required to kickstart a fulfilling career with exceptional job prospects.

    This program is taught in French.


  • In the world of auto repair, there is a constant demand for skilled and well-trained automobile mechanics.

    As an automotive technician, your worth in the industry is defined by your proficiency in both preventive and corrective mechanical tasks. Your ability to pinpoint the root causes of various operational issues, your expertise in the repair and replacement of components, and your knack for making precise adjustments across various vehicle systems are highly regarded. Furthermore, your commitment to adhering to health, safety, and environmental regulations is of utmost importance.

    Aviron College's Automobile Mechanic Program is meticulously designed to set you apart. We provide a comprehensive blend of education and hands-on experience, shaping you into a capable and highly valued professional in the field.

    This program is taught in French.


Québec Campus

Aviron Quebec Technical College, a privately owned educational institution situated in Quebec City, was founded in 1961 under the leadership of Mr. Allan Flegg. The college boasts two well-equipped campuses and provides a diverse array of programs, specializing in DEP-level courses encompassing plumbing-heating, electricity, welding-assembly, carpentry-joinery, automobile mechanics, and numerous other vocational fields.

The core mission of Aviron Québec Technical College is to deliver comprehensive training aimed at fostering the acquisition and mastery of professional skills, all while fostering an environment conducive to entering the labor market with confidence, passion, and a commitment to achieving success.

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