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Campus d’Effets Visuels

105 - 2261 avenue Papineau, Montréal QC

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  • Designated Educational Institute (DEI)
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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Creative Arts, Interactive, Sound Programs

  • The exclusive Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Diploma at Lost Boys is expertly designed and continuously updated to immerse students in a wide array of practical compositing projects, honing their skills and building impressive demo reels. Lost Boys, a small and esteemed institution, boasts a history of crafting practicum opportunities that readily lead to job placements for Compositing graduates. The majority of students from our intensive 12-month program, limited to just 12 students per class, are swiftly employed upon graduation, often as Compositors or BG Prep/Paint Artists. Many progress to long and successful careers in the VFX industry, with some advancing to leadership roles like Leads or Supervisors.
  • Campus d'Effets Visuels presents a 5-Month Digital Lighting Artist Certificate program, meticulously crafted to train aspiring artists in the art of Digital Lighting for the creation of high-quality visual effects in animation, television, and feature films. This program is strategically structured to help students construct a comprehensive portfolio showcasing their proficiency in both animated and photorealistic lighting techniques.
  • Enroll in our accredited Effects Technical Director (FX TD) Diploma, a rigorous 12-month program designed to equip you for a career in Effects (FX) departments, particularly on top-tier feature film and episodic visual effects (VFX) projects. This pioneering program stands alone in its profound specialization and depth of knowledge. In addition to honing core craft skills, it focuses on advanced Houdini workflows and cultivates problem-solving, time management, and career-oriented soft skills, laying a solid foundation for long-term career achievement in the dynamic field of visual effects production.

Montréal Campus

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