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  • The Select Aviation integrated program for an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) offers comprehensive training to attain the highest level of pilot certification worldwide. This program follows a continuous learning approach where fundamental ground school and flight training components are interconnected and structured to ensure thorough and efficient learning. Students enrolled in the Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) program will enjoy the same benefits as those in the integrated training, in addition to receiving a certificate upon successful completion. Moreover, they become eligible for financial assistance through the Quebec government's Aide financière aux études programs, available to Canadian permanent residents.
  • This program is designed for students aiming for a career as a commercial pilot and who want to get there faster without doing the ATPL written exams. Today, a growing number of global airlines, such as Air Canada, asked for highly trained candidates among their ranks. Graduates of this program obtain an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) and receive the PPL and CPL licenses as well as the Transport Canada night, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. In addition, students are trained to work as part of a crew to better meet the global market demands.
  • The program is primarily tailored for aspiring pilots seeking to excel in seaplane aviation. This distinctive program offers the opportunity to become a certified professional pilot and swiftly enter the job market. With a total of 230 flight hours, including 50 hours dedicated to seaplane training, you will be well-prepared for potential employment opportunities with bush flying companies. From mastering mountain flying to executing diverse water-based maneuvers, our top-tier instructors will equip you with the skills to make sound decisions in various scenarios, ensuring you're fully prepared for your aviation career.
  • This college program provides an unparalleled experience for helicopter enthusiasts. Beyond the academic curriculum encompassing 765 hours of theory, students also gain invaluable hands-on experience with 135 hours of flight time. This flight training involves six hours on a turbine helicopter, a forest survival exercise, and night flight certification. The flight training component exclusively employs Robinson R44 helicopters, and students also obtain a turbine rating on Bell 206 helicopters. Furthermore, the program includes aviation English and job preparation courses designed to enhance your prospects during initial job interviews, setting you apart in the competitive aviation industry.

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