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Technology, Networking Programs

  • This 1800-hour Big Data program is designed to provide comprehensive training in the analysis of large-scale digital data, offering students a foundation in essential concepts and skills, including project management and effective communication for addressing business requirements. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the program aims to develop a deep understanding of key big data technologies such as data acquisition, management, mining, machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistics. It also focuses on nurturing the ability to design data processing solutions, ensuring data accessibility, monitoring flows, and creating decision-making tools, as well as developing proficiency in data warehousing management and honing skills for problem analysis and decision-making. Furthermore, students gain practical experience in statistical programming languages and big data tools. The program's specific training component seeks to enable students to perform the functions and tasks of the targeted profession, preparing them to work as competent big data technicians, integrate into professional life, encourage personal and professional development, and support their career management skills for future mobility.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) delves into the development of computer programs capable of learning, decision-making, data reasoning, and human interaction. In a 930-hour specialization program, divided into three sessions, students gain essential knowledge in AI, task automation, project management, and communication, all vital for addressing business needs. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the program seeks to promote understanding of fundamental AI techniques, properties, and the depth of machine learning technologies. Students hone skills in problem analysis and decision-making, while gaining practical experience with statistical programming languages and decision-making tools, along with the capacity to design data exploration solutions for informed decision-making. In alignment with broader technical training goals, the program also prepares students to perform effectively in their chosen roles, equips them for AI technician positions, provides insights into the professional context, fosters personal and professional development, and enhances their career management skills for future mobility and success.
  • The Cybersecurity Prevention and Intervention program prepares individuals for the role of a cybersecurity technician, which is a specialization within the field of computer technology. Graduates are equipped to safeguard technological infrastructures by employing intrusion detection tools, addressing security incidents, and implementing risk mitigation strategies. The program's objectives encompass enhancing professional readiness by equipping graduates with technical, technological, and communication skills, as well as the ability to solve problems and make ethical decisions. It also facilitates integration into the professional sphere, promoting awareness of the job market and the specific context of cybersecurity.

Longueuil Campus

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