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JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc

4168 Finch Avenue East, Suite 330, Toronto ON

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Programs offered at each campus may vary, so be sure to check other campus offerings for the course you are most interested in.

Business, Accounting, Marketing Programs

  • Office Assistant Diploma at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. introduces students to office administrations and its many facets in the business world. This program provides both the theory and practice for the student to succeed in an entry-level administrative position. Through this program graduates attain necessary skills to compile, verify, record and process documents such as applications, agreements and letters in accordance with established procedures, guidelines, and schedules. This program provides the much needed training and preparation that enables graduates to work in the business office of any organization.
  • Computerized Accounting program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. will provides students with excellent knowledge of accounting using computer applications.  This program educate students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce effectively using the most popular accounting software applications such as AccPac, Simply Accounting and QuickBooks.  This program will prepare students to step quickly into the accounting profession.
  • The Accounting & Payroll Administration program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. provides hands-on accounting training, knowledge for entry- level accounting jobs and the right skills for payroll positions in a business environment. Through this program, graduates gain the skills required to progress in the present day workspace.  This program educates students with the most popular accounting software applications such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and Accpac. Payroll content consists of 125 hrs.

  • Through this program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. students develop medical knowledge, technical and administration skills to obtain work in today’s thriving health care environment. Students will also receive training in office software applications. Health Office Administrator graduates are in demand for a wide variety of health care settings. Enrolling with this program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc., will definitely give individuals with interest in health care a much valued platform to jump-start their careers.

Creative Arts, Interactive, Sound Programs

  • The Computer Networking & Security Diploma program is a Hands-on training program strikes a balance between the latest computer theories and their applications. Students learn about real-life networking environments, making you immediately productive upon graduation and prepared to take on a variety of information technology (IT) roles relating to local area networking, network support, computer systems administration, network security and user support. Exposure to the networking technologies will help you to develop problem solving and analytic skills. You will also learn about the necessity for security and how the needs of information assurance affect all aspects of implementing, managing, and utilizing network resources.Students will also be prepared to continue learning and advancing within the field, allowing you to work within your organization to apply networking to business strategy, tactics, and goals.ObjectivesUpon completing of this program, students will be able to:• Design, build, maintain and troubleshoot local area networks. • Integrate the computer and network security into the installation of network software and hardware, as well as business practices, usage policies, and user education. • Provide appropriate technical support/assistance to other users. • Troubleshoot and repair basic computer and network hardware and software problems. • Effectively communicate computer-and network-related technical information verbally, in writing, and in presentations. • Provide input to IT and business managers on using computers and networks to solve business problems and enhance productivity.

Education, Teaching Programs

  • The Early Childcare Assistant program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. provides students with knowledge and skills required for employment in child care facilities. Student can benefit from the field placement options arranged by the college, which gives an excellent foundation, providing the necessary skills needed for those seeking to get employment opportunity as Early Childcare Assistant, day care helper or preschool helper.

Engineering Programs

  • The Engineering Design and Drafting Technologist program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. provides students with engineering theory and practice, concentrating on the design and development of various mechanical devices and equipments. Students will obtain a good understanding in engineering sciences and skills, including computer-assisted drafting and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), as used in the engineering industry. In addition, the program also will provide student with practical experience through hands-on classes in engineering and drafting principles and the latest engineering software programs available.

Healthcare, Wellness, Pharma Programs

  • Pharmacy Assistant program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. equips students with essential skills required to gain entry-level positions in retail Pharmacies.  As part of this course students learn to prepare medication for dispensing, inventory control, sterilization and customer service skills to name a few. The practicum arrange by JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. with community/retail Pharmacies helps students gain a valuable hands-on experience in this field.

Human & Social Services, CSW Programs

  • The Community Service Worker diploma program at JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. prepares students for a career in the field of social services. This program is designed to provide students with the skills they require to secure employment in community agencies, residential facilities, mental health agencies, adult & youth group homes and rehabilitation centers. This practicum arranged by JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. for our students will definitely be an asset to their career.

Toronto Campus

JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. is a Private Career College in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Canada. Over 10 years, JRS College of Business and Health Care Inc. have provided its students with professional knowledge, training and right skills to meet the demand of the competitive market. One of the primary objectives of our college is to upgrade the skills of our students closer to fast moving technology, new invention and the modernization of technology. We also offer full time and part time diploma programs, available with flexible class schedules for both morning and evening classes.

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  • 100% Instructor-led training
  • Intensive learning with short duration
  • Convenient location
  • Small size classrooms
  • Flexible start dates

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