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Les programmes offerts sur chaque campus peuvent varier, alors assurez-vous de vérifier les offres des autres campus pour le cours qui vous intéresse le plus.

Commerce, Comptabilité, Marketing Programmes

  • Accounting and payroll jobs are in high-demand and perfect for detail-oriented individuals who are looking to enter a growing industry. The Accounting & Payroll Administration diploma program at Reeves College is an intensive 43-week immersion into accounting and payroll topics.   During the course of the program, you will take bookkeeping courses and develop an understanding of the business accounting cycle, partake in payroll courses and process an annual payroll cycle, and learn the fundamentals of employment insurance, income tax, pensions, and more. You will become familiar with key accounting software including Sage 50 Accounting and QuickBooks.   Before graduating from the Accounting & Payroll Administration diploma program, you will complete a 100-hour practicum placement in an accounting or payroll office. Gain real-world experience in a number of accounting and payroll functions, such as preparing T4s and Record of Employments (ROE), calculating benefits, earnings and allowances, or setting up budgets and reconciling accounts.
  • There is a growing demand for workers who have a balance of administrative and accounting training. Reeves College prepares students to fill this growing demand with our Accounting Technician program. The program teaches students a combination of office administration skills,  computer skills, and accounting skills in order to prepare them for employment opportunities in financial or admin jobs. Students will learn computer skills such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Access as well as gain an understanding of accounting fundamentals including assets, liabilities, cash control and banking, accounting cycles, and year-end finanical statements. Students applying to this program will need a strong aptitude for math.
  • A successful business knows that its people are one of its most vaulable resources. That understanding is behind the demand for skilled human resources professionals who know how to find and keep the best talent. If you're interested in working in this challenging and rewarding field, you can get the training you need in the Human Resources Administration diploma program. In under a year, you'll learn everything you need to know about office procedures and human resources management. Your courses will cover industry software, writing, interpersonal skills, labour relations, employment law, and other essential areas. You'll also get to solidify your new skills during a real-world practicum placement.
  • Get the up-to-date training and hands-on experience you need to launch your business career. The Business and Digital Marketing Management diploma program will provide you with the latest skills in social media, web, and digital marketing. Combine that with a foundation in traditional business skills such as writing and project management, and you'll be prepared to take on an entry role in business management or even launch and run your own business. This program will help you to keep up with the rapid rise of digital media communication, which has transformed marketing, promotion, and sales. In less than a year, you'll learn how to deliver effective e-media marketing campaigns and gain an understanding of the latest digital and social media marketing tools and analytics. You'll also get to put your new skills and knowledge to use through a practicum placement in a real-world business environment.
  • Supply chain management deals with the logistics of the flow of goods and services from suppliers to consumers. As a high in-demand industry, supply chain management positions can vary from stocking shelves and ensuring correct inventory to warehouse operations and transportation of goods to required locations.   In Reeves College’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, you will learn a variety of skills including supply and demand estimation and forecasting, inventory control, financial planning and operations, negotiation techniques, and much more.   Take hands-on supply chain logistics courses in procurement, demand planning, contract management, transportation and freight forwarding, and more.   Before graduating from the program, you will complete a 16-week practicum placement in a real-world supply chain setting.   All courses in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management diploma program have been designed to meet the requirements and standards set by the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA).
  • All offices need organized and well-trained office administrators to keep them running smoothly. To succeed in this fast-paced and demanding job, you need the right combination of skills and training. The Office Administration program at Reeves College trains students in office procedures and best practices, business communications, common office and accounting software, keyboarding, computer skills, and customer service skills. Students gain on-the-job experience over the course of a five-week practicum placement in a real-world business setting.
  • Online and social media marketing is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and many businesses are still getting to grips with how to maximize social media and online marketing to show tangible results. The Social Media & Web Marketing program will provide you with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to assist in running effective, successful online and social media marketing campaigns for businesses. You'll gain a solid understanding of the digital tools and techniques you'll need to promote brand visibility and increase traffic flow through search engine optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing and business analytics. You'll learn about the key concepts behind search engine optimization and digital marketing, and the social media practices that have emerged from the exponential growth of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Our training also includes the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by creating a social media strategy for a company of your choice, and getting experience in the field with a work placement. Our Social Media & Web Marketing Diploma will empower you with the necessary knowledge to plan and execute online marketing campaigns as part of a business based digital marketing strategy.
  • In order to grow and succeed, businesses increasingly rely upon specialists who know how to reach audiences on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Social Media Specialist certificate program at Reeves College can give you the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in this ever-evolving field.

    In less than a year, you'll gain a solid understanding of the key tools and practices needed to promote and expand businesses through social media. Our industry-experienced instructors will provide you with everything you need to know about the most popular platforms, digital marketing, content creation and writing, and more.

    Once you graduate, you'll be ready to execute social media campaigns that deliver tangible results.

  • Medical offices are fast-paced and rewarding workplaces in healthcare. As a medical office assistant, you will work on the frontline assisting doctors and other medical professionals.


    Medical office assistants (MOAs) need relevant, up-to-date training to thrive in this growing industry. Reeves College's Medical Office Administration diploma program will train you in the clerical and medical skills necessary to run a modern medical office.


    As a medical office assistant or medical receptionist, you will become an expert in assessing and prioritizing patient appointment requests, responding to patients’ basic questions about their medical conditions and prescriptions, and administering medical billing software. Take medical office assistant courses in keyboarding, medical transcription, medical language, and more during this hands-on program.


    During the course of your program, you will also receive Standard First Aid and CPR training and certification. Before you graduate, you will put your skills into practice during a 100-hour practicum in a medical office.


    Study medical reception at Reeves College in Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, and Lethbridge.

  • If you have a flair for organization and communication, and an interest in working in a healthcare environment, the Dental Office Administration program is for you.

    The Dental Office Administration program will empower you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to provide excellent customer service and support in a dental office. You'll gain an understanding of dental terminology, billing procedures, appointment management, insurance company protocols, and communication skills. You'll also have hands-on training in dental software applications and learn how to deal with patients’ charts in a clinical setting.

    With a 100-hour-long practicum placement included, you'll have the chance to gain valuable real-world experience, designed to give you an advantage when launching your new career.

    As part of your training, you'll also gain the following externally recognized qualifications:

    • First Aid Level 1 Certification
    • CPR training and Certification 
    • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training)

Arts créatifs, interactifs, sonores Programmes

  • The Graphic Design Technology program is designed for students wishing to work in the graphics and digital media industries. Expertise across a broad range of digital manipulation software tools are in demand. The program will help students develop digital image creation, editing, and processing skills required to meet employers' needs. Students will receive training in a variety of industry-standard software including:  Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro.

Éducation, Enseignement Programmes

  • Start a rewarding and in-demand career with the Education Assistant diploma program at Reeves College. In less than a year, you'll learn how to help children and youth who require extra support achieve their full potential. Your courses will cover key areas including foundations of special education, learning and behaviour, autism, cognitive and physical challenges, and more. To solidify your new skills and knowledge, you'll also complete two real-world practicum placements. Once you graduate, you'll be ready to make a difference in the classroom and other educational environments.

Santé, bien-être, pharmacie Programmes

  • There is a growing interest in alternative therapies in the West and acupuncture is one of the most popular. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture are increasingly covered by extended health benefits in Canada, which has further increased the demand for qualified practitioners. Reeves College's Acupuncture program is a 108-week intensive study of acupuncture, Tuina massage, and Western medicine. The program provides a similar course of study to the five-year TCM programs at universities in China. Students gain real experience through practicum placements and hands-on campus training. Students will also gain a comprehensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its principles and applications.

Juridique, policier Programmes

  • The legal industry provides many rewarding and challenging career paths. Legal administrative assistants are valued, vital and well-paid members of any legal office. The Legal Administration diploma program at Reeves College will train you to run a highly efficient legal office. This 43 week intensive program covers a combination of general office skills and legal-specific training. You'll learn computer skills, commonly used software, advanced keyboarding, and legal transcription as well as train in vital areas of business communication, customer service and employment. You'll also gain an understanding of the Canadian legal system, the court structure, legal protocols and the day-to-day operations of a legal office. Our program will prepare you to work in small or large law firms, or in legal departments of law corporations. Specially designed to help get you into the workforce, our hands-on program includes a five week internship. On graduation, you'll receive a Legal Administration Diploma.
  • Legal assistants are vital members of any legal office. In order to succeed in the fast-paced legal field, legal assistants need a relevant and up-to-date legal education. Reeves College's Legal Assistant diploma program will provide you with the administrative skills and legal knowledge base you need to excel in a law office. You'll gain an understanding of industry-specific topics such as wills and estates, real estate and conveyancing, corporate and commercial law, civil litigation and more, as well as insight into the Canadian court system, laws, and legal rights. Alongside legal fundamentals, you'll get expertise in the vital areas of business communication and customer service, and train in industry-standard Microsoft software such as PowerPoint, Excel and Access. Focused on preparing you for the workplace, you'll get the chance to put your training into practice over the course of a practicum placement in a law office. With legal training from Reeves College, and a few years in the field after graduation, you may be ready to pursue a career as a paralegal.

Technologie, Réseaux Programmes

Voyages, tourisme, hôtellerie Programmes

  • Since the business world is very dynamic, students are provided a broad cross section of tools and skills, with a focus on training students to think analytically and to apply their knowledge by solving problems and making decisions as they pertain to hospitality.
    The objective of the Hospitality Business Management program is to expose the student to the most relevant aspects of the management and administration of hospitality businesses, while providing foundation computer skills and business knowledge required for a career in the hospitality industry.
  • From outdoor festivals and concerts to conferences, weddings and black-tie galas, special event planners organize events of all sizes and natures. Event management involves a realm of activities including the management of volunteers, lighting and audio technicians, caterers and decor teams, financial management and contract negotiations, and human resources management.   Reeves College's Event Specialist diploma program will teach you the fundamentals of event planning and management in less than a year. Take hands-on event management courses in design and decor, event entertainment and production, risk management and safety, and much more.   Before you graduate, you will complete a number of "event production" projects, where you will use your newfound knowledge and skills to plan and stage entire events that range from internal school events to external community and charitable events.   In addition to your diploma, you will also receive a number of certificates throughout the course of your program including WorldHost: Fundamentals, Customers with Disabilities, and Service Across Cultures; Hospitality Sales and Marketing Certificate (AHLEI); FOODSAFE Level 1; First Aid and CPR; and more.

Reeves College


When you enroll in a career diploma program at Reeves College, you are taking the first step toward professional development and success. Our curriculum has been developed based on input from professionals in the areas of art and design, business, healthcare, and legal studies. Their input ensures that our learning outcomes match current industry demands and that our graduates enter the workforce with the required skills to excel in their chosen career fields.

Reeves College offers vocational training licensed under the Private Vocational Schools Act. Reeves College was established in 1961 by Mr. C. J. Reeves, a professional secretary and instructor. His on-the-job experience enabled the College to establish course content assisting graduates in achieving a high level of success in the world of business. Reeves College provides diploma programs in business, healthcare, legal administration and art and design that enable our grads to find employment in their chosen field of study.

Reeves College keeps pace with the changing job market and is offering several new courses this year to help its students increase their employability and value in an increasingly competitive environment.

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