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Southern Ontario Dental College

201 Wilson St. East, Level 1, Ancaster ON

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Les programmes offerts sur chaque campus peuvent varier, alors assurez-vous de vérifier les offres des autres campus pour le cours qui vous intéresse le plus.

Santé, bien-être, pharmacie Programmes

  • Dental Hygiene Program Specifics

    • Program commences each September
    • 22 months in duration
    • Consists of 4 consecutive terms
    • Each term is 20 weeks with a break of 2 weeks between terms
    The SODC Dental Hygiene program is similar in structure to comparable programs in Canadian universities and colleges. It is 22 months in duration, and is divided into 4 consecutive terms.  Each term consists of 22 weeks, a 10–1–10 delivery. 10 weeks of instruction, 1 week off, followed by 10 weeks of instruction. Further to this, time is allotted between terms for exams and supplemental exams. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are client care clinic days. The practical application of clinical skills begins simultaneously with academic instruction from the very first week of school.

    New Competencies and Standards

    In 2011, Dental Hygiene Education in Ontario underwent revisions that were intended to improve the implementation of the Dental Hygiene programs throughout the Province. The curriculum was revised to include the new “Entry to Practice” Competencies along with the current Standards for Canadian Dental Hygienists. The National Competencies were implemented in Dental Hygiene programs across Canada, with each province adapting according to an individualized timeline.
  • Dental Assisting Program specifics

    • 10 months in duration
    • Level I and Level II
    • Two terms each consisting of 20 weeks with a break of 2 weeks between terms
    Students are in class Monday through Friday commencing at 8:00 a.m. and classes ending by 6:00 p.m. Students will learn both in the classroom and in our modern, fully equipped dental clinic. SODC follows the curriculum established by the Ontario Dental Assistants Association and the NDAEB. Upon graduation the students write the NDAEB examination in order to be licensed in Ontario.

    Dental Assisting Program Level I

    In Level I the students learn chair-side assisting duties. Duties include assisting both the dentist and dental hygienist, taking and developing X-rays, mixing dental materials, oral hygiene instruction, infection control, instrument sterilization and more.

    Dental Assisting Program Level II

    Level II allows the student more intra-oral duties. They include taking impressions, pit and fissure sealants, applying anticariogenic agents, rubber dam placement, coronal polishing, and application of topical anesthetics. Included in Level II is an in-office practicum.

Ancaster Campus

An internationally recognized and accredited college for dental health professionals since 2004.

SODC students come from all over our country and even beyond Canada’s borders. Whether they have just graduated high school or desire a career change, SODC provides them with assistance to enable them to realize their dreams of a career in dental health.

Being a fully licensed and accredited College, SODC adheres to follow all rules and regulations that are outlined with regulatory bodies such as Organizations and Private Career Colleges Act 2005, CDAC, MAESD, CDHO, NDHCB, and NDAEB.

We are also proudly partnered with Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Inspiring students to achieve academic excellence in Dental Education…

SODC goes above and beyond to help their students prepare for the Board Exam through preparation courses, extra opportunities to gain more practice at the clinic, and tutors are available to enable the student to achieve high academic rates and success.

Our dedicated staff are highly qualified Dentists and Dental Hygienists who have extensive experience and utilize effective strategies to ensure students develop academically, socially, and emotionally during their respective programs.

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