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Analyste en intelligence d’affaires et visualisation, profil Science des données

The Data Science program provides comprehensive training in data science and machine learning, offering hands-on experience with essential tools and technologies like Python, Tableau, and machine learning concepts. The program’s capstone project ensures you gain practical experience that can be directly applied to real-world challenges.

Acquire the skills to apply scientific methods, algorithms, and systems in extracting knowledge and insights from diverse data, whether it’s noisy, structured, or unstructured. Discover the versatility of data science, which encompasses data mining, machine learning, big data, computational statistics, and analytics, allowing you to apply this knowledge across various subject domains.

The demand for data professionals is substantial, with Canada’s job bank forecasting a nationwide labor shortage in this field from 2019 to 2028. This program positions you to meet this growing demand for skilled data scientists.

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