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Our AI program provides an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its broad discipline of intelligent agents and their use in building intelligent machines. It covers heuristic search issues, planning, game playing, reasoning with propositional and predicate logic, reasoning under uncertainty, and applications. It presents algorithms such as hill-climbing, dynamic programming, and best-first search.

Students also learn about knowledge representation, reasoning, and decision making under uncertainty. It also covers the relationship between probability theory and logic by discussing probabilistic reasoning, with a focus on Bayes’ Theorem and to apply inference and resolution in propositional and first-order predicate logic.


Artificial Intelligence students will understand the foundations of agents, and their working environment, along with various search strategies. They will also learn the key concepts in designing and delivering innovative AI solutions. They will be able to identify proper AI models to be used in order to improve model accuracy and efficiency.

The program introduces data analysis libraries in python and will gain experience in querying, cleaning, processing and manipulating data. Students will get hands-on experience in various algorithms in Artificial Intelligence and the project work will build your technical skills by providing a methodoligical approach towards problem solving using models in Artificial Intelligence.

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