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Boom Truck (Class IV Articulated Crane) Training

Commercial Safety College is proud to extend its Boom Truck (Class IV) Operator Training program to the public, a comprehensive course recognized and accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education. This program aligns with the latest legislative standards, offering students an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in operating boom trucks. Upon successful completion, participants are credited with 250 hours towards the 500-hour requirement for provincial licensing, marking a significant step towards becoming a licensed operator.

The one-week course covers a broad spectrum of essential topics, including Class IV Crane Theory and Practical knowledge, Pre-Operating Inspection, and proficient Use of Controls. Students will learn Set-Up Procedures and develop Maneuvering Skills, alongside Basic Lifting Procedures. The curriculum also delves into the Use of Capacity Charts and Calculating Load Weights, crucial for safe and efficient operation. Additionally, Material Handling and Rigging Loads are taught, ensuring students are well-prepared for a variety of lifting operations.

Notably, successful graduates of the program are entitled to sit for the provincial hoisting exam, conveniently held on-site, further facilitating their path to certification and recognition as competent boom truck operators.

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