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Business Administration is a diploma program which trains students to be employable in almost any type of business because they learn a wide range of skills from customer care, office and business procedures, word processing, and communication.

Enhancements to the program include an introduction to Human ResourcesProject Management, and even Marketing.

After completing this program, students have acquired the skills for problem solving and leadership, which enable them to be successful and efficient in their professional careers. Hands on training in computer applications allows students to nurture the necessary confidence in various software which helps them contribute to any organization.


It is an all round development course which is designed in such a manner that you are well equipped with the skills to be the front face of the organization. The program starts by training you on the basic skills required in an Office Administrator Proficiency in computers and English. Adequate training and practice is provided on keyboarding skills and computer fundamentals along with the knowledge of Key Office Applications. The program also covers the basic concepts of business mathematics which may be required in office or industry environment. Emphasis is also laid on training the students in Business Communication and Administrative Procedures so that they can handle the office communication effectively while adhering to the administrative procedures demanded in a Canadian work culture. Business Value and Ethics along with Professional Skills training ensures all round development of the student and steers them towards becoming a successful Office Administrator.

After completing your Diploma in Business Administration you will be able to carry out activities like -Maintaining the records in an organization, carrying out office duties like answering calls, sending emails, photocopying or faxing information, receiving and creating documents for order processing, maintaining record of ingoing and outgoing mails, performing basic banking tasks for the office, maintaining office supplies, arranging for regular maintenance of office materials, creating reports for management, coordinating among various departments in the organization, etc.

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