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BUSINESS MANAGEMENT prepares students for positions within the fields of accounting, marketing, business, human resources, project management, and office administration. Training is extensive and broad to prepare students for all business management opportunities in a wide range of industries and organizations.

Students also learn various software to be skilled in document processing, spreadsheet manipulation, database entry, and presentation design and delivery, which makes them more employable for any business environment.


Business Management students learn many facets of business and accounting areas, so they can apply for jobs in various fields. They learn human resource management, project management, and marketing skills to make them suitable for many industries. Students also learn management fundamentals, making it possible for them to begin in higher level or supervisory positions, instead of entry level only, as students are equipped with the core business principles and entrepreneurial skills necessary to work in and manage small to medium-size enterprises. Students also learning entrepreneurial skills, including business plan development, which positions them to potentially even their own business.

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