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Do you find you are the one your friends and family come to for advice about how they should do their hair or what makeup looks best on them? Do you enjoy helping others look and feel their best? Do you love talking with others and making small talk wherever you go? Do you feel like beauty and art can intersect and can be used to express yourself as an artist while helping others?

You have always wanted to be able to branch out to do unique and cool things with your career and not be put into a single box to express yourself. You have a keen interest in helping others look and feel their best by expressing who they are and realize their own potential.

The Combined Hair & Aesthetics program at CBBC Career College will allow you to exactly this. Over the course of two years, you will have earned both your Aesthetics and Cosmetology diplomas allowing you to work in either field or both. We will prepare you to be career-ready and meet the requirements to earn your licenses through the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia. Throughout the Combined Hair & Aesthetics program, Industry Experts will come and do theory and hands-on workshops to help you learn the latest in the beauty industry. You will get hands-on practice throughout your entire program through labs and clinic experience in our Aspirations Salon & Spa in Sydney, Nova Scotia and our Regency Training Salon & Spa in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You will have the opportunity to work with products like Redken, Reuzel, Quannessence and CND Nail Polish.

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