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Computer-Aided Design And Drafting

Acquire a solid foundation in AutoCAD, with hands-on training that covers manufacturing, engineering, and architectural drafting. Gain practical experience through an extensive 16-week internship and set yourself on the path to becoming a CAD Technician in just 16 months. This program leads to an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) recognized by the Minister of Education and Higher Education of Quebec.

As a CAD Technician, your role involves producing technical drawings crucial to engineers, architects, and construction firms. These drawings breathe life into various products, from small machines to entire structures. Using specialized software, CAD technicians create blueprints, exploded views, 3D models, product animations, assembly guides, materials lists, elevations, isometric views, and parametric models. These documents and guidelines serve as the blueprint for assembling the final product or structure.

Herzing College’s Computer-Aided Design and Drafting program offers an accelerated path to expertise in three distinct areas: architectural, engineering, and mechanical drafting. You can choose between a 16-month or 24-month diploma program, each including a 16-week internship. The program provides extensive training in AutoCAD software, is project-based and hands-on, and offers multiple program start dates throughout the year. Financial assistance is also available for eligible students, making it an accessible path to this exciting career.

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