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This extensive one-year diploma combines Management training with various Microsoft certification courses in MCSA SQL ServerMCSA Database DevelopmentMCSA Business Intelligence Reporting, and MCSA Machine Learning. The program also includes MCSE Data Management and Analytics, to provide graduates with a solid foundation for a career in Data ManagementData AnalyticsBig DataCloud Data Platform, and Business Intelligence. To position students for future management roles, students learn about PMP FundamentalsCross Culture ManagementOrganizational Change Management, as well as Leadership Fundamentals.


CIMT College is a proud partner of Microsoft IT Academy which allows us to provide the latest industry training programs and certification exams. Students learn an introduction to programming, as well as software development fundamentals as well as database fundamentals. Once the foundation has been established, students learn about SQL Database Infrastructure, Business Intelligence Solutions, Cloud Data Platform and Big Data Analytics Solutions, as well as Transact-SQL and implementing Data Models and Reports.

Students also learn management-level training, including PMP Fundamentals, Business Values and Ethics, Cross Culture Management, Leadership, and more.

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