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Dessin Industriel

Industrial Drafting is a versatile field encompassing both technical and practical concepts, serving a variety of sectors. To excel in this trade, a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing sector is advantageous. Industrial Drafting operates across three key business categories: manufacturing mechanical objects in industrial sectors, consulting firms like engineering, and companies where manufacturing is integral to their production processes.

The Industrial Drafting DEP program is structured around 25 competencies, spanning a total of 1,800 hours. Throughout the program, you’ll hone your problem-solving skills related to industrial drafting, acquire proficiency in taking and interpreting measurements, and develop a solid grasp of manufacturing processes.

Upon completing our Industrial Drafting program, graduates will be well-equipped to prepare engineering designs, drawings, and associated technical documentation. They can collaborate in multidisciplinary engineering teams or support engineers, architects, and industrial designers, and are also prepared to work independently in the field.

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