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Dozer Operator

The Dozer Operator course, offered over a three-week period, is structured to provide comprehensive training in dozer operation. It encompasses a wide range of essential skills and knowledge areas, starting from Basic Maneuvering, Basic Blade Control, and Basic Digging Techniques & Carrying Grades, to more specialized operations such as Mass Excavations, Digging Basements, and Working Slopes & Inclines. Additionally, the curriculum covers technical aspects like Transmissions – both Power shift and Hydrostatic, Undercarriage & Track System maintenance, as well as practical skills in the Use of Measuring Instruments & Blue Prints, Grade Staking & Markings, and proficient use of the Blade Point & Decelerator Pedal. Special techniques like Slot Dozing, Angle Dozing, and ā€˜Vā€™ Ditching are also included to ensure a well-rounded proficiency in dozer operations. Upon successfully completing the Dozer Training Program, students are awarded an Entry Level Operator certification, signifying their preparedness to competently operate dozers in a professional setting.

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