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Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Program

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) has the basic theoretical and practical training in life-saving and patient assessment skills. As an important member of the health care team the EMR can provide fundamental out-of-hospital care working with other health care provers in a wide variety of settings. The EMR Program will ensure that successful graduates have basic training to provide out of hospital care while working with other healthcare providers. Through synchronous lecture, case studies, self-directed learning, simulation, and practical patient experience the learner will possess sound knowledge and skills, an unwavering commitment to excellence in all that they do, and a deep sense of professionalism and caring. Successful graduates of the EMR Program will be prepared to function as part of the health care team providing safe patient handling and movement, and safe vehicle operation. The EMR Program is an outcomes-based program that will provide a foundation for the entry-to-practice Emergency Medical Responder as described by the Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR) and the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC). The EMR program meets the outcome requirements of the provincial regulator, the College of Paramedics of Nova Scotia (CPNS). The program is designed to provide the acquisition of concepts and theories, mastery of professional skills, and the attainment of a professional attitude though recognizing the limited professional experience of the EMR in the out-of-hospital paramedic context of practice, successful integration of the EMR into paramedic practice will include the development of a transition to clinical practice plan.

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) program is 12 weeks in length which includes 9 weeks of classroom/simulation education, as well as 3 weeks of practical patient experience.

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