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Excavator Operator

The Excavator Operator course is an intensive four-week program designed to equip students with a thorough understanding of excavator operation. The curriculum is carefully structured to include a broad range of critical skills and knowledge areas necessary for proficient operation. Students will learn about Maneuvering & Set-Up, Basic Digging & Mass Excavation, and Trenching & Side Ditching, which are fundamental for effective excavation work. Additionally, the course covers the creation of Ramps & Benches, Digging Basements, and Ditching, providing a comprehensive skill set for various excavation projects. Practical skills such as Truck Loading and Installation of Materials are also included to prepare students for real-world applications. Upon the successful completion of the Excavator Training Program, participants will be awarded an Entry Level Operator certification, acknowledging their preparedness to operate excavators competently in the field.

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