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Heavy Equipment Operator

Commercial Safety College stands out in the field of heavy equipment operation training by adopting a modular teaching approach. This means that the heavy equipment operator program is divided into separate, comprehensive courses for each type of equipment: Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, and Dozer. Uniquely, the instruction takes place in an active aggregate pit, providing students with a realistic working environment that enhances the learning experience.

The program covers all four types of heavy equipment, with the Excavator Operator course lasting four weeks (160 hours), the Dozer and Backhoe Operator courses each spanning three weeks (120 hours), and the Loader Operator course conducted over two weeks (80 hours).

A strong emphasis is placed on “hands-on” learning throughout the program. Students engage in a variety of activities and topics, including Pre-Operating Inspection Procedures, Mechanical Classes, understanding Environmental Concerns & Regulations, Float Loading & Load Security, and mastering the Use of Controls & Operation specific to each piece of equipment. Practical Skills and Exercises tailored to each type of machinery further ensure that participants gain the necessary competencies.

Upon completing the full 12-week program, which amounts to 480 hours, graduates are awarded certification as entry-level operators. This certification is a testament to their preparedness to enter the workforce with the essential skills and knowledge to operate heavy equipment effectively.

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