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Law Clerk

As a skilled Law Clerk, you work under the direction of a lawyer and are responsible for a broad range of office procedures, with an emphasis on case and file management, time and financial management, client communication and record keeping, in compliance with professional standards. You may also assist lawyers or judges in preparing legal or court documents. Your day-to-day duties are often dictated by the environment in which you work. In a litigation office, they include filing documents with the courts, interviewing clients and witnesses, researching and drafting court documents as well as accompanying lawyers to meetings and court appearances.

In a solicitor’s office, your duties are maintaining corporate documents, filing documents, completing real estate transactions, conducting title searches, drafting documents and doing related research. In an estate practice, you follow the steps in estate planning and support in administration and litigation, including drafting documents and preparing files for court. Overall, you have an excellent opportunity to learn about judicial processes and other areas of the law. Not surprisingly, many law clerks use their accumulated experience and knowledge to move up in the industry. There is great potential for growth and promotion, thus the need for qualified law clerks remains steady.

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