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Law Clerk Specialist

About the Program

Explore career possibilities in the legal field and be a part of a rewarding profession. With our small class sizes, you can get the attention and guidance you need from our seasoned instructors for a better learning experience.  This 61-week diploma program offers you a chance to join a fast-paced industry for a thrilling career in law. With an 8-week internship, you can obtain real-world experience that can increase your marketability during your job-hunting phase. Plus, you can master the most popular legal software such as Teraview and Conveyancer, Fast Company, Divorcemate, and Estate-a-Base.

Career Opportunities

The Law Clerk Specialist program prepares you for employment in government agencies, courts, non-profit organizations, corporations, and law firms. Any public or private organization that requires clerical work from a legal perspective can be home to a Law Clerk Specialist.

Employers Who Have Hired triOS Grads

  • Only Immigration
  • Miller Thomson
  • Pace Law Firm
  • Santos Law
  • Paterson MacDougall LLP
  • Mississauga Law Chambers
  • Bernstein Law Group
  • Chagpar & Associates
  • Rabideau Law
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