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Leadership for LPN’s

Develop your potential as an LPN leader

As the world of nursing evolves to accommodate care needs in supportive living, primary care networks, community and other continuing health care streams, there is a growing need for Licensed Practical Nurses to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. LPNs are asked to perform to full scope of practice that includes taking on supervisory and management roles within the healthcare team. Not only does this require clinical skills which show emotional intelligence, critical thinking aptitude, and a collaborative practice approach, but also the ability to successfully run the team under your supervision in collaboration with other managers, administrators, physicians and nurse practitioners.

This course, tailored specifically to the LPN scope of practice, will provide you with the resources you require to elevate your performance as a competent supervisor and an exceptional leader. It may also distinguish your resume from others when applying for positions. Whether you want to run a doctor’s office, a unit/neighborhood in a supportive living facility, or the whole facility with hundreds of employees, supervisory and leadership skills are the keys that open those doors for you.


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