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Legal Assistant

Our Legal Assistant program combines a solid foundation of office skills with an emphasis on how those skills are used in law offices. Practical, hands-on training, provides students with the opportunity to learn the principles of office procedures, terminology, and accounting as they are used in the legal industry.

In addition to this, our Legal Assistant program provides an introduction to the different areas of specialization in legal practice. These include corporate and business law, criminal law, family law, civil litigation, real estate law, and wills and estate law. The program gives participants training in the solid communication and technical skills needed to serve these diverse areas, as well as the interpersonal and soft skills that will build the confidence needed to assist the variety of clients encountered in this profession.

Included in this program is a one-month practicum which enables students to apply their in-class theory to a real-world setting. Arranged at reputable Law Offices and Court Houses, this practicum allows students to get a clear understanding of the demands of work and creates a clear path to enter into the workforce following graduation.

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