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Medication Administration for RNs & RPNs

Course Description

This course is the foundation of successful medication administration. It is a review of pharmacology and the current drug classifications and drug actions related to disease processes as well as laboratory results. Students will learn the mathematical skills required to calculate medication doses.

 This course will also focus on the practical part of administering medication. Students will have the opportunity to apply the theory and to practice medication administration in a simulated environment.  Students will also review the nursing standards of medication administration, legal aspects and safe medication practices. The learning format of the course includes lecture, discussion of clinical case scenarios, and skills practice out of class assignments. Acquiring the knowledge and skills in the delivery of safe medication will enable the students to critically appraise their self-confidence in the administration of safe medications to their clients.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1)    Identify nursing scope of practice and how they are linked to  standards of medication administration

2)   Understand the drug classifications and drug actions related to  disease processes in the Central Nervous System,Respiratory,Cardiac,GI and Endocrine system

3)   Discuss the concepts of nursing process and how it relates to    medication administration

4)   Apply mathematical skills to calculate medication doses

5)   Identify the different routes of medication administration

6)   Identify the purposes for the delivery of safe medications

7)   Describe strategies to prevent medication errors

8)   Apply techniques in reconstituting solutions and parenteral  medications

9)   Perform demonstration of clinical skills in the preparation of    IV parenteral medications

10)  Describe the techniques to prevent needle stick injury

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