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Course Description:
Motivation is the desire to do something. The approach to improving motivation includes discussions about how to identify that desire in each individual and reveals the seven key motivators and how they are used. Participants will not only learn about the theories of motivation, but will learn how to apply them to projects, as well as identifying de-motivators and how to avoid them. This session provides a major paradigm shift for most field leaders.

4 hours

Learning Objectives:
Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand factors that motivate employees
  • Describe the causes of unsatisfactory performance
  • Review general theories of motivation
  • Utilize the Skill/Will Matrix
  • Apply the “Do’s and Don’ts of Motivation”

Key Concepts:
People do not motivate people. As leaders our job is to identify what motivates our employees

  • Unsatisfactory performance is usually curable if leaders inform, train and give support to their employees
  • Motivational theory provides a construct for understanding the interaction between why people are motivated and what organizations can do to create a motivating environment
  • Companies and Leaders can employ tactics that can enhance or destroy motivation
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