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Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Our Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program, featuring 825 hours of in-class instruction coupled with a 240-hour practical work experience, is tailored to thoroughly prepare students for diverse roles within the legal and business sectors. Our graduates successfully secure positions in law offices, government legal departments, insurance companies, and financial institutions, among others.

Island Career Academy stands out as the sole Private Career College to offer this specialized Paralegal/Legal Assistant training. Initiated in 1998, our program was established to provide a local alternative to the previously available options: undertaking a three-year program at the local university or relocating to mainland Nova Scotia for similar training, both of which significantly escalate training costs.

The curriculum of our Paralegal/Legal Assistant program is designed to enhance problem-solving abilities and foster cooperative learning. It integrates computer applications training to ensure that our students remain adept with the continuously evolving software applications used in the legal field today.

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