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Personal Support Worker (Part-Time)

Personal Support Worker (Part-Time)

Personal support worker program at Clarkridge has been designed to provide enough knowledge and skills to the students to become competent and caring for their clients with compassionate while adhering to the required legislation. This program prepares you to assist elderly clients, individuals with disabilities, caring patients suffering from long term illness. Personal support worker works in multiple settings such as long term care facility, Hospital, community, and retirement care homes. Personal Support workers collaborate with other health care team members and patient’s family to achieve positive health outcomes.

Program Highlights

✔️ This Personal Support Worker program reflects the latest practices and policies in the field.

✔️ Instructors will supervise the students in clinical practice to learn, grow and practice their newly acquired skills.

✔️ Faculty members are experienced, friendly, and supportive.

✔️ PSW programs train students to, assist patients in activities of daily life and home management services.

✔️ Students learn how to provide services to clients with physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

✔️ At Clarkridge, you will be trained to provide support services, assistance in mobility(lifting and transferring clients) with

✔️ Clinical internship facilitates students with real insight into the future career to pursue employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitative centers, and retirement care home.

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