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Pharmacy Technician

About the Program

As a Pharmacy Technician, you will work under the direction of licensed pharmacists to carry out pharmacy-related tasks. Your role will enhance a patient’s health by ensuring patients receive accurate prescriptions.  Gain knowledge relevant to the technical and clerical aspects of the pharmacy profession including inventory maintenance, record keeping, pharmacy equipment, device demonstration, mathematical skills related to pharmacy, compounding, and prescription preparation in both hospital and community pharmacies. Throughout the program, you will learn in a classroom environment that simulates real-world pharmacy settings. Pursue a 9-week field placement for hands-on experience and for the chance to grow your professional network.

Career Opportunities

The Pharmacy Technician diploma program will qualify graduates to pursue positions in hospitals and retail pharmacies.

Employers Who Have Hired Eastern Grads

  • Costco Pharmacy
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Pharmachoice
  • Jean Coutu Pharmacy
  • Walmart Pharmacy
  • Medicine Shoppe
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