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Professional Investigator Training Course

The Security Services and Investigator’s Act requires any person in Alberta who works in any of the positions below must have a license. To obtain this license an individual must complete a mandatory training program and write a provincial exam. The Alberta Investigator’s Training course consists of nine modules to be taught on-line over a period of 50-60 hours or more. The course outcomes for this training are intended to provide participants with knowledge and skills in their role and responsibilities as a professional investigator. Columbia College offers the Alberta Investigator’s Training course.

Individuals who obtain a provincial license after taking this course may be employed in one of the following positions:

  • Professional Investigator
  • Detective
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons
  • Fraud Investigator

Graduation/Employment Success

Columbia College is excited to share that 90% of first-time writers on the provincial exam who completed the Columbia College online course successfully passed the exam. The provincial average success rate for first-time writers is 50%. Completing Columbia College’s online training program will assist individuals in achieving success on the provincial exam.


Columbia College offers the Alberta Investigator’s Training Course by online delivery only at this time.

Course Description

Each participant will be provided with a course Participant Manual which complements the course materials and exercises which make up this course.

Upon successful completion of the 50 – 60 hour or more investigator training course an individual will be eligible to write the mandatory provincial exam.

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