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This program trains individuals for the role of LEACR – Computer Programmer Analyst, equipping them with the skills to develop applications across diverse environments such as the web, databases, and mobile devices. It encompasses mastery of both structured and object-oriented programming techniques. Programmer-analysts are responsible for meeting the needs of businesses with varying activities throughout the application development cycle, including analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and integration. Additionally, they enhance existing software’s functionality and provide user support. In Quebec, the information technology landscape has evolved with increasing career prospects. Notable shifts include the impact of mobile technologies, transforming cell phones into platforms for video games, online shopping, and web browsing. The rise of tablet computers further solidified mobile technology’s importance. Cloud Computing has also gained prominence, offering internet-based access to IT resources, reducing strain on local servers, and improving fault tolerance through data redundancy. This technology trend prevails in the industry.

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