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School Bus Driver

The School Bus Driver program, offered by our institution, equips individuals with the necessary skills to embark on a new career path as a School Bus Driver. In a strategic move to ensure the successful employment of our students, we have established partnerships with school boards across Nova Scotia. One such partnership includes an employment agreement with the Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education, which guarantees jobs for approved applicants. It is important for applicants to note that they must complete an application for employment with their local school board as a prerequisite for acceptance into this program. The course duration is set at three weeks, providing a comprehensive overview that includes Pre-Operating Inspection, Maneuvering Skills, and driving in various environments such as rural areas, towns, and on the Trans Canada highway. Additionally, the program focuses on Professional Driver Improvement, ensuring that graduates are not only skilled in driving but also in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism on the road.

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