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Straight Truck

If you’re aiming to operate a range of vehicles, such as Straight Trucks, Dump Trucks, Waste Management Trucks, Water Trucks, or similar, obtaining a Class 3 license is your initial step. Commercial Safety College offers a program specifically crafted to equip you with the necessary skills for immediate employment in this field. Spanning three weeks, the course structure is comprehensive, covering various critical aspects of driving and vehicle operation. Participants will start with Pre-Operating Inspection techniques, proceed to learn and enhance their Maneuvering Skills, and gain experience in driving in diverse environments, including rural areas, towns, cities, and on the Trans Canada Highway. An integral part of the curriculum is an 8-hour Air Brake Course, further supplemented by a Professional Driver Improvement module. This blend of practical and theoretical training ensures that graduates are well-prepared and qualified to start their careers in the trucking industry with a Class 3 license.

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